Join Spiritual Teacher Bob Lancer in this Six week group class

Bob will work with people using The Method and his other unique techniques to clear out our old thinking and feeling patterns.

The energy of this type of spiritual work is increased in a group setting and people have reported huge leaps in their spiritual growth by working in this type of group.

  • Heal old emotional wounds that resist other types of therapies
  • Release negative thinking patterns and learn to truly stay in the moment
  • Increase your level of joy and inner peace beyond what you dreamed was possible
  • Use The Method to achieve abundance on every level of your life
  • Learn the universal laws and how to stay in harmony with them
  • Receive Bob’s transmission of the teaching of the practical kabbalah and the mystical Tarot.

One of the most exciting aspects of this work is the effortlessness to increase your abundance by tapping into your highest spiritual gifts and the things that we really love to do. I experienced the flood gates opening up in my life and my business by clearing out my negative thinking patterns and aligning to the highest feeling of joy.

We all know that is the basis of all Law of Attraction work, but I never could figure out HOW to drop all my secret and squirrely pain, emotional trauma and negative thoughts until I learned The Method.  We need an actual method to do it and do it for real.  This is it! This is the missing piece in all Law of Attraction work.

Bob has used "The Method" with thousands of people who are now moving into real spiritual advancement and joy.

He has used these techniques to help people:

  • Healing feelings of unworthiness
  • Clear inner suffering and heal the inner child once and for all
  • Feel more joy and inner peace
  • Learning to truly express their inner gifts and talents and by doing so exponentially increasing their abundance
  • Curing personal and global crisis with deep states of inner peace
  • Freeing yourself from a poverty mindset and experiencing abundance on every level
  • Healing relationships of all kinds
  • Creating harmonious business development
I hope you can join us in this class, since the more people we can reach with "The Method", the bigger impact this work will have on us and the world.

THE WISDOM OF JOY with Bob Lancer


  • Get SIX weekly LIVE online classes with Bob.  You can access these classes by phone or computer anywhere
  • Classes will take place on Tuesday's beginning on January 11th.
  • Class begins promptly at 7pm EST.  Please log on 5 minutes prior to class to be sure your connected.  (Other time zone start times are:  6pm Central, 5pm Mountain, 4pm Pacific.)
  • All classes will be recorded.  If you are unable to attend the class LIVE, no problem!  You will receive a recording of the class and be able to listen when it is convenient for you.

Meet your Instructor

Bob Lancer has been a full-time spiritual teacher and healer for the past 30 plus years.  His current focus is on guiding individuals through The Method, a means for transforming emotional suffering into profound states of inner peace, higher consciousness, and a life of abundance, love and joy overflowing with grace, magic and miracles.  His work includes use of Kabbalah and the Tarot images of Kabbalah as well as the Organic Process of manifestation.  He was initially trained in the oral tradition by a master of Pythagorean wisdom.