Learn How And Why To....

Find Liberation From Emotional Suffering
Expand Your Experience Of Joy And Abundance
Bring More Love, Peace, and Harmony Into Your Life And Into The World

In this 3-Part, LIVE experiential process Bob will guide us on how to achieve liberation from emotional suffering, live in joy, and triumph over challenges with abundance, relationships, health, career, and purpose.

Our primary tools will include The New Wisdom of Joy, The Method, and practical applications of the Ageless Wisdom in Tarot and Kabbalah. The sessions will involve you in powerful and liberating meditations, rituals, and interactive conversations for growing through the practical challenges of daily living.

You will discover what is blocking you from manifesting what you want, how to raise your level of consciousness, functioning and vibration for entering into a higher life of more heavenly grace: expanding love, inner peace, abundance, joy, miracles, and the Divine Presence.


Bob will be LIVE and IN PERSON here in Milford in June.  Come and meet Bob and have the chance to work with him LIVE .


You will also gain knowledge and skill for leading and supporting others out of their suffering and into their joy through the fulfillment of their life-purpose. 

This experiential event is for anyone struggling in any area of life, anyone who wants to help others in overcoming their struggles, and anyone seeking to understand the purpose of their life, who they truly are, and how to live in joy.

I hope you can join us in this class, This is your chance to get a LIVE one-on-one teaching from Bob himself .

Friday June 24th -  7-9pm EST

Open House - Path To Mastery Salon


This event is open to the general public and is a great way to meet Bob and be introduced to his teachings. Learn how to instantly transmute anxiety, depression, and emotional suffering through The Method.

Saturday "DAY" June 25th - 12–4pm EST

Going Deeper (Current or Past Clients ONLY)


This event is open only to those who have worked or are currently working with Bob individually or in his one of his groups.  Spend the day going even deeper into the mysteries with advanced rituals and meditations.

Saturday " NIGHT" June 25th - 7–9pm EST

Drum Circle Ceremony


This event is open to the general public.  You are invited to join Bob in a sacred drum circle. Bob will lead us through a teaching, a meditation, and a sacred ceremony circle. Bring a drum or instrument with you. Weather permitting, we will be having this at a fire pit.  

Sunday June 26th - 12–4pm EST

Open House Event - Living in Joy


This event is open to the general public. Learn how to let go of our negative and painful thinking and find inner peace, joy, and harmony.  The way to end war, hatred, greed, violence, and fear in the world is bring more love, peace, joy, understanding and harmony INTO it.  In this series you will learn how to do just that!


What to expect?!

I am so excited to have Bob here LIVE teaching.  The event will take place over 3 days.   Those who work with Bob individually and/or in a group format may attend all 3 days for a complete ELEVATION.  Feel free to sign up for the whole weekend or pick and choose when to come.   I can tell you from personal experience of working with Bob how life changing it has been.  It is very powerful!

  • The LIVE IN PERSON event will take place from June 24th - June 26th. 
  • This Three day event that will take place at the DoubleTree by HIlton in Milford.  CLICK HERE for directions.

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If you have worked or are currently working with Bob individually or in his one of his groups click below to get registration and cost details.



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Meet your Instructor

Bob Lancer has been a full-time spiritual teacher and healer for the past 30 plus years.  His current focus is on guiding individuals through The Method, a means for transforming emotional suffering into profound states of inner peace, higher consciousness, and a life of abundance, love and joy overflowing with grace, magic and miracles.  His work includes use of Kabbalah and the Tarot images of Kabbalah as well as the Organic Process of manifestation.  He was initially trained in the oral tradition by a master of Pythagorean wisdom.