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Developing Your Psychic Chakra

Written Class

What if you could be guided through your life by a totally accurate, wise, built-in guidance system that was designed to steer you around life’s pitfalls and point you at your life’s purpose in every minute?

Well, guess what, you already have that, right at your fingertips!

You have seven amazing psychic senses that we call your CHAKRAS and they are totally psychic! Being psychic and intuitive is a lot like athletic ability. It’s completely natural and everyone already has their own innate ability. Yet to reach our potential, we have to study and practice!

This 8-week course is designed to help you increase your psychic and intuitive skills by stepping you through your chakras and unblocking them as we go. Your chakras are already picking up loads of psychic information all day long! Your job is to learn to pay attention and decode this vital information so that you can be guided through your life with ease!


— Get an expert understanding of your 7 chakras as aspects of your psychic nature

— Show you which psychic senses are already wide open

— Learn to decode the amazing psychic information you are already getting

— Foolproof methods to Develop and strengthen your psychic and intuitive ability

— Release the blocks that are holding you back

— Avoid the common mistakes that shut down your guidance

— Fully align you with your guidance so you can dance through life with ease!

This course comes with exercises that you can practice at home to increase your psychic ability as well as clear and align your chakras. This course is totally suitable for beginners as well as advanced students.