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Self Care for Empaths

Written Class

Are you a psychic sponge? That is how most Empaths describe themselves. If you are, then you probably feel like your sensitivity is a curse rather than the gift that it really is. It feels like a giant burden to feel everyone’s feelings as if they are yours! It might even land you in a situation where you avoid people, feel depression and anxiety and don’t even like going out of your house. All because your empathy and sensitivity makes being around other people so painful and draining.

I have had so many Empaths ask me to help them “turn off” their sensitivity, which is so sad since I KNOW that being an Empath is a gift!

I have worked with thousands of Empaths to help them understand that empathy is the gift of the healer and all Empaths are meant to be healers, helpers, and caretakers. If you know that, then you can understand that being able to feel what someone is feeling in their body and in their emotions is like having a built-in diagnostic tool kit. The perfect tool kit for healers and helpers. All you need is the right training to turn this curse into the gift it really is.

The good news is that the basic training is so much easier than you might think!


  • Fool Proof Grounding, Clearing, and Protecting Techniques
  • Easy Guided Meditations To Strengthen Your Energy Field
  • Stopping The Energy Leaks That Totally Drain You
  • Effective Ways To Handle Depression And Anxiety
  • Clearing Up The Unique Health Problems That Plague Empaths
  • Increasing Your Intuition and Inner Guidance
  • Keys For Understanding Your Lifes Purpose As An Empath

This class comes with guided meditation MP3’s so you can practice the techniques on your own. You will also get articles, meditations and other Empathy related bonuses from Lisa delivered to your mailbox each week.

So let’s get you out from hiding in your house to being out in the world helping people and making a difference!