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Online Reiki Course with Lisa Campion

Is your deep desire to explore the spiritual side of Reiki leading you to become a Psychic Reiki Master Healer?

Your healing journey can reach new heights by becoming a Reiki Master Healer. This is the culmination of your Reiki training and it can change your life forever. Learning the Reiki Master Level will enhance your psychic abilities and teach you how to incorporate your increased intuition and psychic messages into Reiki sessions.

Are you ready to:

  • Become more joyful as you receive the Master level attunement and learn how to attune others so you can keep sharing the Reiki love with more and more people
  • Learn to use the powerful master level symbol to perform spiritual healings for others with confidence and ease, without feeling drained or sucked dry
  • Upgrade your psychic abilities and integrate your psychic messages into your life and Reiki sessions without feeling confused and overwhelmed by them
  • Learn advanced energy anatomy and spiritual healing techniques to help your clients achieve lasting change
  • Benefit from my trade secrets for getting Reiki clients and providing them with such great healing sessions that they keep coming back for more and referring all their friends

Don’t be too shy of owning the title Reiki Master Healer. It takes some confidence to step into that label, and the right training too, of course. If you are reading this, chances are good that you are feeling the call to become a Reiki Master Healer.

I know you are ready!

Even if you are not feeling 100% ready, I am going to get you there with this in depth Psychic Reiki training that is absolutely PACKED with information and is actually hours and hours longer than my in person Psychic Reiki Courses.

You can do it! It’s a wonderful way to share the Reiki love…


What is Psychic Reiki?

I created my own style of Reiki, which I call Psychic Reiki, and wrote a best-selling book about it, called "The Art of Psychic Reiki." I did this because I noticed that learning Reiki often really opens up people’s psychic abilities. This can be scary and destabilizing if you don’t have the proper support and training you need to accept and maximum your psychic and intuitive gifts.

Activating your psychic abilities can give you an exciting and powerful toolset for you to use not only in your own life, but also in your Reiki sessions with others.

The truth is, we can’t get there on our own.  We need training to help us accentuate and integrate our psychic abilities when they open up.

Good thing I love to do that! And I hope you let me do that for you.

"We need powerful tools for change, and Psychic Reiki Master Healer is going to give you that power!"

The 3 Life Changing Reasons Why You Should Become a Psychic Reiki Master Healer Right Now

You already know the power that learning Reiki has to not only change your life, but also the lives of the people that you share your Reiki with. Achieving the Master Level brings this all to culmination of your Reiki training, to give you the maximum power to change your life and the lives of others.

Chances are very good, that on some level, you are feeling called to be a healer, in whatever way you are doing that. Maybe you are working on your family and friends and bringing your light to everyone you encounter.

Or maybe you hearing the whispers from your soul telling you that you are meant to be doing deeper healing work with people.

Perhaps you are 100% committed to your own spiritual unfoldment and you just feel that Reiki is part of your path to experiencing deeper spiritual and personal growth.

Whichever it is, continuing your Reiki journey by getting this Psychic Reiki Master Level is going to help you in ways you can’t even imagine right now.

Here are the reasons why you need this right now:

  1. One of the most amazing things about becoming a Reiki Master is learning how to give attunements to other people. Please attune anyone who will sit still for 5 minutes and see the light of this healing spread throughout your life, your people and the world…
  2. People who receive the Master Level attunement experience profound levels of joy that often last for a long time. It will up shift your frequency so high, that you will now have a new level of high vibration and joy. PLUS, The Master level symbols give you the ability to do deep, spiritual healings on your clients and open up profound spiritual experiences for both of you.
  3. Get some solid business skills so that you can attract clients to you. We will discuss how to get clients, how to set your fee, how to manage your clients and your time.  We will discuss money boundaries so can work on more and more people without getting burned out and drained.
“My mission in life is to create an army of healers to go out and save the world- since it needs saving more than ever right now. I hope you join me on this quest!"


Click below to get all the details on how you can begin your Reiki journey TODAY!


Why You Should Study Psychic Reiki III Master Level with Me??

I am not exaggerating when I say that Reiki changed my life. I first learned Reiki back in 1999 and I had already been working as a psychic counselor, since I was 19 years old. I loved being able to add Reiki into my psychic counseling sessions.

I fell in love with Reiki, and the miracles that it created in my life and the people that I was working with, and have been teaching it ever since. It changed my life on every level.

My psychic abilities increased and I was able to work through and heal many old issues that were holding me back from reaching my potential on all levels of my life.

As I started teaching Reiki, I saw how it created powerful personal and spiritual growth and healing in so many others too.  It’s like walking through a doorway into a deeper level of your spiritual life and personal healing.

I have done over 15,000 individual sessions since then and have attuned and trained thousands of people on Reiki.

I have taught physicians, nurses and others in the medical professions, body workers who are adding Reiki to their tool kit, and many spiritual seekers who are opening up to their own healing and want to pass that healing onto others.  They all discover that Reiki gives them the power to heal, right in their own hands.

I truly feel like I am giving each of my students a tremendous gift of healing- so they can keep healing themselves and also bring that healing to other people. It’s spreading more and more light around the world, which we really need right now!


What To Expect?

This class has two options, the LIVE or EMAIL option. In both you will receive 15 Pre-recorded Modules in video/audio format, taught. Once signed up for this class you will be able to begin RIGHT away! You can take class all at once or at your own pace and what is even better is that you can do the class from the comfort of your own living room. Already taken Reiki and just need a REFRESHER???  No problem check out those options by CLICKING HERE!!  Receive hours of video instruction including:

  • Receive 15 Pre-recorded Modules (over 8 hours!) of Reiki video.
  • An invite to join her Art of Psychic Reiki facebook group.
  • An introduction to the Reiki level III master symbols.
  • Receive your master level attunement.
  • Learn how to attune others.
  • Reiki attunements in three ways.
  • Two healers working on one client.
  • Advanced energy anatomy.
  • Managing your clients.
  • Add in your intuition and psychic information into your sessions.
  • Your Reiki III certification AND SOOOO much more!

PLUS BONUSES that include: A PDF Of Lisa's Psychic Reiki III Manual, BONUS audio meditations, and her Empowered Empaths Master Class



Meet your Instructor

Lisa Campion is the author of the #1 best-selling books The Art of Psychic Reiki, Energy Healing for EmpathsAwakening Your Psychic Ability and the upcoming book Psychic Awakening Journal. She is a Psychic Counselor and Reiki Master Teacher with over 25 years of experience. Lisa has been teaching Reiki for over 20 years and has trained thousands of people in Reiki and has done over 15,000 individual sessions.

She is also the host of the radio show and podcast, The Miracle of Healing on Mind Body Spirit FM. She specializes in training emerging psychics, empaths and healers so that they can fully step into their gifts since the world needs all the healers that it can get!

Lisa started working as a psychic when she was just 19 years old and has conducted well over 15,000 individual sessions. She has been teaching Reiki for over 23 years and has trained thousands of people in Reiki and other energy medicine modalities.   She has a host of online Reiki and psychic development courses and is dedicated to helping people open up their own psychic and healing gifts with ease and grace.