Have you ever wondered if you could be a professional psychic healer?


Do you want to quit your boring day job and start making 60k a year doing something you really love?


Do you feel that if you had someone to truly guide and mentor you, you would be able to reach goal much faster?

If so I have the answer for you!

I invite you to join my first ever Psychic Healer Academy, a year-long professional training for psychics and healers. This is a mastermind style mentorship that will give you everything you need to get your practice up and running in a way that not only deeply serves your clients, but also brings in real money.

I always say that being a professional psychic is the coolest and best job ever. It certainly has been one of the great loves of my life.  Check out my FREE webinar explaining this series.


I would love share with you the skills and secrets that I have learned in the past 30 years to help you make the jump from a hobbyist to a pro.  I was 19 years old when starting out and there were no training or mentorship programs out there.  I learned it all the hard way too, believe me! I had to do it, since I got divorced when my kids where really little, and I needed to support myself and my family.   That need and fear pushed me off the edge of a big scary cliff, and I found that I could fly.

And I did.

And I still am.

My fondest desire is to create an cadre of healers that can go out and save the world.  How amazing would be if those healers didn’t have to thrash around and learn the hard way like I did? I would have given or paid pretty much anything to receive the training and mentorship that I am now offering.

I wish I could go back in a time machine and take my own program then!  I would have saved myself years and years of struggle and uncertainty.

But here in the NOW I have a wildly successful practice and you can too.

Especially now, when times are strange. 

People need and want help, advice, comfort, hope, solace, wisdom and healing more than ever. (My biz always explodes in troubled times and I have been working long enough that I have been through many…)


Click the link below to fill out a small application and schedule your call with me.  Get started today before this once in a lifetime opportunity expires.




This is a GREAT question I get asked all the time.  To run a professional level psychic healer practice, you need to master these things:
  • Your psychic skills and abilities need to be insightful, accurate and available on demand. (Mastering Your Psychic Skills Program)
  • You need to know the secret of getting clients that adore what you do, joyfully pay your fee, and not only keep coming back for more, but also send all their people to you. (Mastering Your Business Skills)
  • You need deep and powerful assessment skills so you can read the client's energy field, and see their soul patterns.  This allows us to do healing work at the deepest levels. (Mastering Your Healer Skills)
  • You need to master your inner self so you can get out of your own way and  quit sabotaging yourself. (Mastering Yourself Program)

I have seen so many people get tripped up at each of these steps and I don’t know any other professional level training programs that will take you through all these steps with a ton of hand holding, guidance, and mentorship.

Your Actual Life Purpose and Real Skills


Some people fail because they are not working from their real gifts and don’t fully understand their life’s purpose. (You think you should be a medium cuz everyone is, but that is not actually your best skill set….) That is an automatic fatality to your business and it will die before it really ever gets off the ground. It’s critical to understand what your real gifts are and what your actual life purpose is.

We will get you there.



Real Spiritual Entrepreneurship


Many of you are fantastic healers but, the business and marketing side is not your natural strength and you don’t know how to easily and effectively get clients. When you know what to do and have worked through whatever blocks you have about it, it’s easy to get clients no matter what is going on in the world. (Hey, there are about 8 billion fairly miserable people on the planet who all need healing work. A whole bunch of them are just waiting for you to get your act together enough so they can find you.)

You need to be able to make real money so you can drop your boring day job and actually support yourself with your practice.

Provide World Class Service to Your Clients


Once you have clients, we all need expert assessment skills so we can deeply serve them. It’s not enough to get them to a first appointment, you then have continue to provide them world class service.  You want to keep them coming back while also bringing you more and more clients referred to you by them.

We will learn to “read the energy field” at an expert level by understanding the chakras, the aura, and Lisa’s exclusive Soul Theory.  That will teach you to perceive and heal the root causes of your client’s issues.






Easily Handle Big Problems


No one has ever stopped by my office to tell me that everything is fine. People come to healers because they have real issues and are looking for real ways to work through their issues by actually healing. Therefore, we must be prepared to step into the fire with them with confidence and skill. This requires an essential set of skills that hardly anyone is teaching psychic healers.

  • How we handle the difficult clients while maintaining our boundaries and managing our energy
  • Skillfully and confidently helping folks that have trauma (Which is nearly everyone.)
  • Helping clients that have issues like addictions, depression, anxiety, mental health issues, chronic health issues, and are at the end of life or are going through difficult loss (This is what my average week of clients is like!)
  • Working with those that need spiritual healing like past life work, soul retrieval, and other deep spiritual issues.



This is year-long professional training program designed to optimize and maximize your skills so you can have a practice that actually supports you financially.  There are four modules that you can take as needed so you can pick and choose the ones that is right for you.

Due to the commitment to this class I ask you fill out an application and set up a call with me.  We will discuss which of the programs are right for you.

*** Prices vary depending on how many programs you are taking.  The more you take, the lower the prices go!

Below is a brief summary of what to expect in each module. 


Meet your Instructor

Lisa is the author of the #1 best-selling book, “The Art of Psychic Reiki.” and "Energy Healing for Empaths" (New Harbinger Press).

Lisa Campion is a psychic coun­selor and Reiki master teacher with over twenty-five years of experience. Lisa has been teaching Reiki for over 20 years. She has trained more than one thousand people in Reiki and has conducted more than fifteen thousand individual sessions.

She is also the host of the radio show and podcast, The Miracle of Healing on Empower Radio. She specializes in training emerging psychics, empaths, and healers so that they can fully step into their gifts since the world needs all the healers that it can get!