Do you want to quit your boring, soul sucking day job and start making actual money doing something you really love?

If you are one of the many people who feels a calling to help others through healing, then becoming a professional psychic healer could be the perfect career for you. It is a highly rewarding and satisfying profession that can be learned in just 12 months.

If you are ready to take your healing skills to the next level- and go pro- I have the path all laid out, just for you.

The Psychic Healer Apprentice Program  is a mastermind style, year-long program that will give you everything you need to get your practice up and running in a way that not deeply serves your clients, but also brings in real money.

I always say that being a professional psychic is the coolest and best job ever. It certainly has been one of the great loves of my life. I am thrilled to be able to offer this to you in a beautiful and easy package that gives you everything you need to have a line a clients out your door.

  • Easily filling your up calendar with sessions
  • Gratefully paying your fee
  • …. And sending you all their people too. 


Click the link below to fill out a small application and schedule your call with me.  Get started today before this once in a lifetime opportunity expires. 


Sandra Fraser

"As a body worker, seeing clients all the time I knew I had good intuition. I’m thankful I found this class, Lisa has helped me profoundly realize it’s much more than that! I am more confident in myself, in my abilities and I am now able to work with clients on a deeper level. I feel I’m finally being fully me! Like I know myself better now. Lisa’s support through the whole course has been incredible. I can’t recommend this course highly enough!"


This is a GREAT question I get asked all the time.  To run a professional level psychic healer practice, you need to master four things and this is what we are going to cover throughout the year. Here is what you are going to learn:
  1. My tried and true method for maximizing your psychic skills, so that your psychic information is insightful, accurate and available on demand- and you know how to manage your energy, so you don’t burn out. This is the 3 months long Mastering Your Psychic Skills Program
  2. The step by step guide about how to easily magnetize clients that adore what you do, joyfully pay you fee and not only keep coming back for more, but also send all their people in the 3 months long Mastering Your Business Skills Program
  3. Level up your clinical skills so you know how to competently handle all the difficulties and traumas that our clients bring us on the daily. You need real skills that will help you handle the hard and deep issues that clients bring you. We learn this plus advanced psychic skills in the 3 months long Mastering Your Healer Skills Program.
  4.  Discover the real reason why healers who have done the most inner work have an unending line of clients queuing up for their services, and you how you can lovingly master your inner self so you can love up on your inner child and quit sabotaging yourself.  Healing Your Inner Child

I have seen so many people get tripped up at each of these steps and I don’t know any other professional level training programs that will take you through all these steps with a ton of hand holding, guidance, and mentorship.


Click the link below to fill out a small application and schedule your call with me.  Get started today before this once in a lifetime opportunity expires. 


I started working as a professional psychic healer waaaay back in the day. I was 19 years old and it was in 1980’s and there were no training and mentorship programs like this one.

There were no psychics on TV. No books on this topic. No business coaching programs. Nothing- it was an information wasteland. You couldn’t even google it, because there was no internet!

And no one was doing what I was doing, so I learned it all the hard way, figuring it out as I went along and making every mistake in the book, and even inventing some spectacular new mistakes that still make me cringe when I think about them.

I would love share with you the skills and secrets that I have learned in the past 30 years to help you make the jump from a hobbyist to a pro- and let me help you do it the easy way.

My goal in life is to create an army of healers that can go out and save the world!

And how amazing it would be if those healers didn’t have to thrash around and learn the hard way like I did. I would have done anything to receive the training and mentorship that I am now offering.

I wish I could go back in time and take my own program! I would have saved myself years and years of struggle and uncertainty. 


What to expect?!


This is year-long professional training program designed to optimize and maximize your skills so you can have a practice that actually supports you financially.  There are four modules that you can take as you need them so that you can pick and choose the ones that you really need.

Due to the commitment to this class I ask you fill out an application and set up a call with me.  We will discuss which of the programs are right for you.

*** Prices vary depending on how many programs you are taking.  The more you take, the lower the prices go!

Below is a brief summary of what to expect in each module. 


Meet your Instructor

Lisa Campion is an author, Psychic Counselor, Spiritual Teacher and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years of experience.  She specializes in training emerging psychics, empaths and healers so that they can fully step into their gifts, since the world needs all the healers that it can get!

She is the author of the best-selling books, The Art of Psychic Reiki and the award winning Energy Healing for Empaths as well as the Awakening Your Psychic Abilities and The Psychic Awakening Journal.  She is also the host of the popular podcast, The Miracle of Healing on Mind.Body.Spirit.FM

Lisa started working as a psychic when she was just 19 years old and has conducted well over 15,000 individual sessions. She has been teaching Reiki for over 25 years and has trained thousands of people in Reiki and other energy medicine modalities.   She offers online Reiki and psychic development courses and is dedicated to helping people open up their own psychic and healing gifts with ease and grace.