What do you do when your Reiki training is over and you still want to reach your full potential as a Reiki healer, practitioner and Reiki master?

You love Reiki and it was a life changing experience for you,  and now you want to fulfill your destiny to be a healer and share the healing and love to others too and you know you need to keep learning and growing as a healer so you can bring it to the world.

  • You loved your Reiki training, but still need and want to expand your knowledge base and keep learning more. 
  • Maybe your Reiki training was short and sweet, or you did it while ago, so you would benefit from a skills review.
  • You know you have the mission to be a healer, but you still lack confidence. You need to practice on people beyond your besties and your family. 
  • You long for a supportive community of other talented healers to connect to and share healings with so you don’t have to feel alone and isolated in your Reiki journey. 
  • You have a thirst to learn skills beyond what most Reiki class cover, like energy anatomy, intuition and psychic development, how handle tricky client issues and level up business practices.
  • You wish you had a highly experienced master teacher as a mentor so you can keep asking questions and getting answers. 
  • You feel the deep soul calling to be a healer work but still don’t feel fully like a “Master” yet and need to keep leveling up your skills and experience until you do. 



There is still so much to learn!  Most of us went pretty quickly through the levels of Reiki, which is all good, but I want to invite you keep learning, growing and practicing so you truly can reach your full potential as a Reiki practitioner.



"I have been loving all the videos and I try to do one a day.. so helpful. This is the best thing that I have ever invested in. The live classes are so much fun. Thank you Lisa for everything that you are doing for us."


The Psychic Reiki Mastermind Group is the place where you can receive continuing education for your Reiki skills.  We will be having weekly Zoom trainings to continue your Reiki education. Each week will be a different topic to help you keep learning, growing and evolving.  

  • Review of Reiki healing skills and learn some advanced skills too
  • Learn energy anatomy, like the layers of aura and the chakras
  • Have a Q&A with Supervision so you can discuss things that have come up in your sessions and get answers
  • Guest teachers and speakers
  • Do a virtual Reiki Share
  • Receive a monthly group healing from Lisa so you can keep doing your own healing
  • And special Reiki Master Class for advanced healing skills

All for a low monthly subscription and it will all be via Zoom, so all can participate.

All the trainings will be recorded and you will access to the archives too.

PLUS- A special membership option for Reiki Masters only! 

Reiki Masters will get their own monthly call where we will be working on more advanced healing skills such as:

  • Attunement review and practice
  • Spiritual healing techniques such as cord cutting and psychic surgery
  • How to build spiritual presence for deeper healing
  • Special Q&A plus supervision for tricky client situations




"I had the privilege of taking Lisa's Reiki I and Reiki II classes, in-person, last year. I was a bit nervous about being in a group setting and learning a new healing modality. However, Lisa brings a fun, loving, safe energy with her that helped me to let go of my anxieties and open up to the process. In Reiki II, Lisa guides you in a beautiful meditation to meet your Reiki guides. This was a powerful experience for me. I also found that I loved the in-person setting as we were able to practice what we learned right away. Both days were fun-filled with giving and receiving Reiki energy! Lisa is a wonderful teacher and an extremely gifted healer. I highly recommend her!"

Dina Legari


Group Healings with take place Thursday evenings at 7pm EST once per month.  A schedule will be issued after sign up.

All other Reiki Shares, Guest speakers, Supervision and Reiki teaching will take place on Friday's at noon EST.  

All will be recorded and uploaded to your class library in the membership site in case you miss them.

Have the option to pay monthly or Pay IN Full and receive special BONUSES!

Psychic Reiki Level I and II Membership

  • Must have taken Reiki I or II (Does not have to be through Lisa)
  • One Teaching session per month. (This could be skills development from me or a guest)
  • One Virtual Reiki Share per month
  • One healing in Lisa’s Group Healing session monthly
  • Access to a private Facebook Group
  • Subscribe and Save offers available!

Psychic Reiki Master Level Membership

  • Must have taken Reiki Level III (Does not have to be through Lisa)
  • Receive everything listed in the Level I and II membership
  • PLUS one extra call per month just for Reiki Masters
  • Receive quarterly LIVE Reiki Master Clinics to go deep into skill building and practice
  • Access to a private Facebook Group
  • Subscribe and Save offers available!

Meet your Instructor

I have been working as a healer since I was 19 years old. (That was a long time ago!)  My mission, what I live, breathe and die for- is to train healers. The world needs all the healers that it can get!

I am so committed to all the healers that I know being out in the world living their life purpose that I am going to share with you everything I know about running a successful healing practice where you can provide amazing service to your clients so that they not only get better but they also refer all their friends to you.

Clients are looking for RESULTS and we will tool you up so much that they will be making quantum leaps in their growth.  I will be boiling down the best that I know from my:

  • 30 years of working as a psychic
  • 21 years of as a Reiki Master Teacher
  • 15 years of teaching in the top notch Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine
  • Author of the bestselling books The Art of Psychic Reiki and Energy Healing for Empaths
  • Host of the radio show The Miracle of Healing

My teaching style is to be a mentor and to help you bring out the best healer in you. That means doing some of your own healing work too. That’s the fun part, right?