Maybe you are a dedicated practitioner of the healing artsā€¦


Or perhaps you are an intuitive, empath or sensitiveā€¦

Either way- you understand the profound impact that the energy of a space can have on your wellbeing. Whether it's the tranquility of your home, the sanctuary of your session room, your workplace, or the temporary retreats in hotels and Airbnb's, the energetic quality of these spaces is essential to your inner harmony and the effectiveness of your healing work.

The more psychic and sensitive you become, the more aware you are of the energy of the space you occupy.

This means you need to learn to energetically and spiritually cleanse:

  • Your home so that you can have a peaceful, tranquil sanctuary for you and your family.
  • Your office- whether you are a healer seeing clients, or work in retail or a corporate office, you NEED to learn how to cleanse the space- so you can actually get some work done.
  • Any place where you visit including hotels, Airbnbs and other vacation spots so you can truly get some R&R.

I'm thrilled to invite you to our exclusive Space Clearing Clinic, tailored specifically for sensitives, empaths, Reiki practitioners and energy healers like you. This clinic is an opportunity to deepen your understanding and mastery of space clearing, ensuring every environment you occupy supports and enhances your healing journey.

Here's what you can expect to learn and experience:

Energy Assessment: Utilize dowsing tools such as pendulums or dowsing rods to accurately gauge the energy of a space.

Portal Work: Learn to identify, clear, and close any energetic portals that may be affecting the space.

Spiritual Cleansing Toolkit: Learn about everything you need to create your own space clearing toolkit. (You will want to bring this with you when you travel!)

Spiritual Cleansing Techniques: Master techniques to clear lingering spirits or residual energies, ensuring a pure and serene environment.

Expert Guidance: This is a very interactive clinic, so please feel free to ask questions. We will be doing a few case studies and remote clearing sessions for practice too!

Registration is now open, but spaces are limited to ensure a personalized and interactive experience for all participants.



Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your clients' lives and grow your business ā€“ signĀ up now forĀ ADVANCED SPACE CLEARING CLINICĀ today!