Are you tired of feeling like there's something holding your clients back from achieving their full potential?


Do you wish you had a powerful tool to help you uncover the root cause of their issues?

Look no further than the Energy Assessment Scan and Clearing Protocol from Reiki Master Teacher Lisa Campion. 

With this cutting-edge technique, you can easily discern if your clients are dealing with psychic interference and clear it for good. Using a pendulum or other dowsing tool, you'll scan their energy field to identify and clear: 

  • Energy cords
  • Attachments and entities
  • Curses and dark magic
  • Blocked chakras
  • Tears in the energy field
  • Environmental challenges like portals or spirits present
  • Past life issues and more

This thorough and easy scan will leave your clients feeling empowered and liberated from whatever was holding them back. The scan will also show you what needs to be done to clear the blocks and wounds, and…. 

The best part?  You will learn how to use your dowsing tool to actually clear the energy in the moment.   This is honestly so powerful! 

This technique is so effective and easy to use that your clients will love it, and you can easily add it as an additional offering in your session packages. Plus, with Lisa Campion’s expert guidance, you'll become a master at this powerful assessment tool in no time. 



Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your clients' lives and grow your business – sign up now for Energy Assessment Scan and Clearing Protocol today!