If you want to be a healer that is making an impact in the world then learning your Reiki skills is only half the equation. We also need a way to get clients and have people find us, so we are not stuck at home with no one to give our amazing Reiki to!

This can be hard for us healer types but I am going to make it easy for you by sharing some of my own knowledge and expertise. I am giving you the really juicy bits!

We are going to cover:

  • How to talk about Reiki in a way that turns people ON to Reiki and avoids the common pitfalls that turns people OFF.
  • An easy to use, fail-proof formula to set your fee that will fill up your bank account and grow your business.
  • The 3 top ways to get clients to come to you and bring all their friends- it’s all about knowing how to get referrals! (And it costs nothing to do!)
  • The effective and proven method I used to build my practice from ZERO clients to consistently having a 3 month waiting list.
  • How to avoid the biggest business mistakes healers make that never work and always waste your precious time and money.
  • How to work through wealth and worthiness wounds that prevent us from feeling like it’s ok to make money.

I have run my own successful, full time healing practice for the last 30 years. (And I was a single mom with three kids through most of it!) I fully supported myself and my kids with my healing practice, helped put my kids through college, bought a gorgeous house near the water in Rhode Island and have a nice plump retirement account too.

It can be done! I know, since I am doing it. And you can too… But you need help. I know I did. I have worked with the best coaches and biz experts to keep learning and growing my business and continue to do so.

I really, really love the business side of things and being an entrepreneur. I have a passion for it actually and find it highly rewarding, creative and honestly quite lucrative too.

I want to share my knowledge and passion for the business side of things with you. After spending 20 years teaching the healing arts, I knew I needed to add in the business side of things, so that you are not home twiddling your thumbs by yourself or doing Reiki on your cat for the hundredth time.

You need to know how to get clients in order to share the Reiki love.

I want you to know how to make real money, and also how to “put yourself out there” so your people can find you!

Your clients are waiting for you to get the word out about your Reiki business!



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