Have you been alone for a while and are ready to draw your soulmate to you?
Or maybe you are already in a partnership that started out well, but is not living up to what you wanted the relationship to be?
Perhaps you are stuck in a painful dating cycle or repeating the same old patterns and mistakes with all new people?

Are you ready to attract your soulmate?

Let’s face it, finding happiness, love and fulfillment in our relationships is one of the biggest spiritual challenges we can face.

Most of us are struggling in our marriages and romantic partnerships.  We go into these relationships with high hopes of finding love only to experience triggers, miscommunication and misery.  Or we have given up on the idea of ever meeting a true soulmate  and have just become resigned to being alone. 

And yet, there is gold to be found inside the mess! You can have the beautiful the soulmate connection that you yearn for, no matter what your relationship status is right now.

The energy of this type of spiritual work is increased in a group setting and people have reported huge leaps in their spiritual growth by working in this type of group.

Bob will work with the group using "The Method" and his other unique and powerful techniques to clear out our old thinking and feeling patterns so that we can find the love that we are all seeking.

He has used this type of work to help people:

  • Heal old emotional wounds that resist other types of therapies so that you can open your heart again.
  • Release negative thinking and emotional patterns based on past relationships and learn to truly stay in the moment.
  • Learn to receive real love for yourself and increase your sense of self-worth so that you can experience deep love for others and also receive the love that is always there for you.
  • Stop projecting your own issues on your partner so you can see them for who they truly are.
  • Attract a soulmate if you are currently single or find the soulmate in your current relationship.
  • Increase your level of joy, love, and inner peace with your soulmate beyond what you dreamed was possible.

Receive Bob’s transmission of the teaching of the practical kabbalah and the mystical Tarot geared towards helping you attract your soulmate to you. It might be the person you are already with, once you clear all the negative energy away.

“I have to say that I never understood what love truly was until I worked with Bob doing the Soulmate process. During this time, I released old wounds from past relationships and opened my heart for the first time in years.  I was able to forgive my past partners and my parents and learn to truly love myself. I had no idea that I was not able to actually receive love from my partners until I learned to fully love and value myself. Within a few months of working on this with Bob, I met someone special and am now happy in a new relationship.  Thank you Bob, the Soulmate Process really works!” 

Lisa C



  • Get SIX weekly LIVE online classes with Bob.  You can access these classes by phone or computer anywhere
  • Classes will take place on Thursday's beginning on October 14th.
  • Class begins promptly at 7pm EST for one hour.  Please log on 5 minutes prior to class to be sure your connected.  (Other time zone start times are:  6pm Central, 5pm Mountain, 4pm Pacific.)
  • All classes will be recorded.  If you are unable to attend the class LIVE, no problem!  You will receive a recording of the class and be able to listen when it is convenient for you.

Meet your Instructor

Bob Lancer has been a full-time spiritual teacher and healer for the past 30 plus years.  His current focus is on guiding individuals through The Method, a means for transforming emotional suffering into profound states of inner peace, higher consciousness, and a life of abundance, love and joy overflowing with grace, magic and miracles.  His work includes use of Kabbalah and the Tarot images of Kabbalah as well as the Organic Process of manifestation.  He was initially trained in the oral tradition by a master of Pythagorean wisdom.