What if you could increase your psychic abilities and gain a deeper understanding of the psychic plane and its mysteries in the context of higher spiritual development?

This course is for anyone interested in psychic abilities, including their development and application for a more practical, meaningful, inspiring life.   

In this life changing psychic development program you will: 

  • Gain new knowledge about the mysteries of the universe from a psychic perspective so you can see your place in universe and gain insight into your life’s purpose. 
  • Use The Method to liberate your mind from low vibration thoughts and feelings so that you can access more accurate psychic information for yourself and others. 
  • Dive deeper into the ancient wisdom teachings of the Kabbalah and the Tarot and use their power to open up to your psychic abilities even more.

We will understand exactly how higher psychic development takes place, what it really means, and how to interpret psychic phenomenon and abilities.

Our topic will be illuminated by aspects of Kabbalah and Tarot as they relate to the psychic dimension of our spiritual development, and where the psychic world fits into the overall scheme of creation.

Our practical focuses will be on how easily one may be misled by psychic phenomenon, how we can be influenced by the psychic emanations of others, and how to protect ourselves from "being brought down" by lower influences. We will also see the relationship between psychic well-being and physical health and healing.

Essentially, we will be looking at the teachings regarding psychic development as taught in the Oral, Western Mystery Tradition. In this context you will see how awakening to the psychic plane is really just the beginning of our ascension into the light of higher consciousness, including working with the higher ordering forces, beings and purposes of the universe.

You will learn how your psychic development is an organic process being carried on by the universe.  How to cooperate with that process to reach the higher planes and function in life at a higher level, for higher results, more quickly and easily.

A significant part of our work will have to do with using The Method to liberate our psyche from subordination to unconscious mental and emotional drives and delusional forces, with a deep dive into the meaning and practice of real Psychic Self-Defense.

Join us we enter the realm of psychic development and its relevance to a higher, heavenly life!



This is a 6 week LIVE class, that began on November 1st.  Since the course is already underway you do have the option to attend a single class or purchase the remaining classes left in the series. This class will be recorded so if you are unable to attend the class LIVE you will receive the the recording through email. 

  • Classes take place on Tuesday's with the next class taking place on December 6th.   
  • Class begins promptly at 7pm EST for 90 minutes.   (Other time zone start times are:  6pm Central, 5pm Mountain, 4pm Pacific.)
  • All classes will be recorded.  If you are unable to attend the class LIVE, no problem!  You will receive a recording of the class and be able to listen when it is convenient for you. 
  • Cost $62.50 per class

Meet your Instructor

Bob Lancer has been a full-time spiritual teacher and healer for the past 30 plus years.  His current focus is on guiding individuals through The Method, a means for transforming emotional suffering into profound states of inner peace, higher consciousness, and a life of abundance, love and joy overflowing with grace, magic and miracles.  His work includes use of Kabbalah and the Tarot images of Kabbalah as well as the Organic Process of manifestation.  He was initially trained in the oral tradition by a master of Pythagorean wisdom.